Variety NSW Bash 2015

The Variety Bash is a motoring event in which participants raise money through sponsorship of the drive for ‘Variety’ which is a charity for children with special needs. The Bash was originated by Dick Smith in June 1985. Infinity Constructions have been driving in the NSW Bash since 2009, led by director Lachlan Cordato.

The drive this year was through rural parts of Australia, the route was from Sydney through NSW, then following the coastline of the southern parts of Australia to places like Ceduna, around to Perth, then up the coast to Broome on the north-west coast of Western Australia.

During the drive to Mildura to Port Pirie, the team had to spend the night repairing a broken sway bar link on the car. Break downs when they happen in the Bash require a lot of ingenuity on behalf of team to do their own repairs, although in the worst case scenarios, local mechanic need to be found and parts flown in.

In Ceduna they stopped off at barramundi fish farm, from there are spectacular photos of Great Australian Bite along the southern coast of Australia. The team were driving from Balladonia to Esperance which is along the southern coast of Western Australia, when they stopped to help another team rebuild a diff centre. Driving into Esperance they then broke a shock and had to replace it on the side of the road, When they finally got into Esperance they were allowed to drive on the beach were they got to see whales.

The Infinity team drove from Sydney to Perth over 11 days, raising over $33k for Variety. They were also awarded a trophy.

Congratulations to Lachlan Cordato (Infinity), Tony Rizakos (GMT Coating) and Shaun Vanzyl for all the work in raising the money, doing the drive, and all the background work needed to be done to prepare for this trip.