Variety Bash NSW 2016

Infinity Constructions at Variety Bash 2016

Variety Bash NSW 2016

The Variety Bash NSW this year started at Berowra for a 10-day drive travelling through rural NSW and Queensland, until finally arriving in Hamilton Island.

On this trip the Infinity car blew a tyre, then during a rough section of road the shock absorber punctured through the bonnet of the car, the crew were able to patch a repair and to get back on the road to finish the trip.

The Bash runs from one destination to the next, each day instructions are issued as to the route the cars are to take that day, this year the instructions were thrown out of a helicopter, the Bash participants had to rush to grab it before it flew away.

It’s not all hard work, there is entertainment and fun activities organized at the final destination for the day, this year they visited a 1 Million acre property, there was a rodeo, and a ‘party time’ cricket game played out on the dirt road.

The drivers this year were Lachlan Cordato from Infinity Constructions, Tony Rizakos from GMT Coating Pty Ltd, and Sean Vanzyl. Both Lachlan and Tony received a Certificate of Appreciation for participating in the Bash for the last 10 years. The team received ‘Brut 33 ½ Cup’ for raising in excess of $33,000.00.

Infinity have been driving in the Variety Bash since 2007, with Lachlan heading the team, in that time they have collected in excess of $298,000 for Variety.

Infinity would like to thank all the sponsors who have donated to the Bash, your contributions are appreciated. If you would like to sponsor the Infinity car ‘67’ for 2017, contact Lachlan on, all main sponsors will have a sticker with their company logo featured on the car.