Sydney Airport Recycled Water Treatment Plant


To design and construct a recycling water treatment plant, Infinity entered into a joint venture with GE Water. As the process engineer, GE Water provided the design for a micro biological reactor system, this enabled the harvesting of sewerage into grey water, and this was then used to charge both the mechanical cooling towers and the flushing systems of 90% of the toilets within the Sydney International Terminal.

The construction of the plant was alongside a river just outside of the secure area of the airport, and it involved the construction of 9m high self-sealing concrete tanks both above and below the active water table that fluctuated with the nearby river.

All GE active systems were installed by Infinity including over 800 input/ output devices that allowed constant remote monitoring of the systems by GE Sydney.

The reticulation system of pipework to take the waste to the plant and then to return the grey water, was installed by Infinity prior to this work being done.