Sydney Airport Recycled Water Reticulation


To set up the recycled water reticulation system throughout Sydney International Airport, 7.5 kilometers of grey water reuse pipe (purple stripe) were installed both within and outside the secure zones of the airport and international terminal.

The pipes pathways traveled within the service ducts, under roadways, above baggage handling areas and tenancy’s within the terminal, through mechanical services areas including high voltage areas, and along the fuel services tunnels of the international terminal.

Ultimately the work required a great deal of coordination with international terminal tenants, and pathways needed to be redesigned to avoid and solve issues of obscured pathways.

Once the main reticulation was complete the system was charged with fresh water and staged connections were made to 90% of the individual toilet pans and urinals within the Sydney International Terminal.

The works occurred as 24 hour constant construction process for 75% of the construction duration.